a Dynamic group coaching program for Retiring athletes ready to tackle their second act

Athlete Career Transition (ACT II)

carve a new path for your future

This 12-week group coaching program is designed to provide actionable support & guidance for professional athletes who are hanging up the hat on their competition careers and stepping into their second act.

This is not simply about writing a resume and learning how to interview for a job (though we'll do that, too). This is about getting clear on your identity, increasing your self-worth, and radically accepting the course of your athletic career so you can carve a new path for your future.


Designed for athletes who are ready to LET GO of what was to discover what CAN BE


The Athlete Career Transition program (ACT II) is designed to give you the tools you need to make your second act the best one yet. It's about freeing yourself from limiting-beliefs that are keeping you stuck. Believing in your ability to CREATE joy and accessing the inner warrior that carried you so far in your athletic careers.

I know what it's like to feel as if you're only worth your next win. How it feels to believe the greatest things you'll do in life have already happened. And you're only 23. The sense that everything from here on out is downhill. That the best days of your life are now in the past. I know how it feels to be uprooted from your social circle: the isolation, the loneliness. I get that you doubt your "real-world" experience & knowledge, and I know the weight of the financial pressure to pay your bills. 


Is this program right for you?

This program is for you if you:

  • Are a former professional athlete who is looking for a new career you’re passionate about.

  • Have been missing a sense of community since you retired and want to connect with a tribe of people who actually understand what you’re going through

  • Value the guidance or mentor who can help you reconnect to you purpose to create a life that you LOVE.

  • Are ready to create more epic success on your terms, even if you’re not sure what that looks like right this moment.

  • Know that excellence in anything requires focus, dedication, and the willingness to think differently.

  • Are willing to get vulnerable and put in hard work.

This may NOT be for you if you:

  • Are completely at peace with the end of your athletic career…

  • Have all the answers & know where you're heading next…

  • Aren’t ready to grow, be challenged, or shift the way you perceive yourself in the world…

  • Aren’t willing to share and connect with the community or support others…

Course Modules


Over the 12-week course, we'll navigate six modules that will help you create a new life you’re passionate about:

Identity, Purpose & Core-Values, Acceptance, Self-Worth, Career & Finances, Legacy and Future Focus.


I: Identity

Who are you? We'll do a deep dive into this question to help you clarify who you've always been, you are today, and who you can become tomorrow. We'll eradicate self-limiting beliefs and restrictive thought processes so you'll know what to say when people ask, "what do you do?"

II: Purpose & Core Values

What is your purpose? For a long time your purpose may have been tied to your sport. Is there a deeper meaning to that purpose? Can it be transferred into your second act? Will your purpose be completely renewed? Do you even need a purpose?


III: Acceptance

Making peace with our athletic careers is essential for our long-term happiness and success. Forgiving our coaches, our NGBs, & surprisingly, ourselves is the only true path to freedom. Accepting what led us here is the only way to welcome this next chapter of our lives with open arms. But it isn't easy.

IV: Career & Finances

It's no mystery that money makes the world go round. While it can't buy happiness, it can buy freedom. Getting clear on our financial goals, needs, and limiting-beliefs about income, we'll develop a financial plan to keep you sane & happy. This is where we'll also explore career paths that are aligned with your heart and create a resume that conveys it!


V: Legacy

As professional athletes, we've spent our lives surrounded by the best of the best. It can make us feel like we have nothing worth celebrating, but that's false. Not only will we celebrate what we've accomplished, we'll acknowledge the legacy we left behind through our athletic pursuits & get clear on the legacy we want to leave from the rest our life.

VI: Future Focus

We’ve spent so many years with the same vision for our future. We wanted to be the best in the world at our sport. We knew how to show up everyday to make that happen. But at the end of our careers it’s scary & disorienting to dream again. This module helps you understand how your goals once served you so you can create new goals for your second act.


How We Do It


Group Coaching

Each week you’ll have access to new content. Once you watch the coaching videos, we'll connect on a Facebook Live once a week for an hour, to dive into our week's topic. I will answer all your most pressing questions & do some live coaching as needed!


Worksheets & Assignments

I'll try not to call it homework, but there will be assignments in between sessions to help continue this transformation. You’ll be give worksheets to complete, videos to watch or podcasts to listen to. All exercises are designed to help you get to know yourself on a deeper level so you can carve a new path for your future.



There is nothing more powerful than connecting with someone who has walked this path before you. We're bringing in powerful mentors who have been through this transition to share how they got it done. Each week you’ll be hearing the story of one of these guides as it pertains to that week’s topic.