You'll see it when you believe it


A Guide to Visualization

In 2009 my season ended abruptly.

I had just learned a new trick and had one of my best seasons to date when I crashed and damaged the cartilage in my left knee. My summer of training was no longer going to be on snow, but instead in the gym rehabbing. The momentum that I had built felt all but lost.

What could I do to keep my edge?

Without knowing the power that was within my mind, I began a visualization practice. Everyday during my rehab sessions, I would close my eyes and visualize the run that I wanted to be doing when I returned to snow. For 9 months, I did this almost daily. Not for a long period of time, only 5-10 minutes a day, but the effect was profound.

When I returned to snow it felt like I never left.

Coupled with a regimented physical training routine, this visualization practice led me to my most successful season yet. I placed second in my first contest back and then went on to win every contest for the rest of the year.

This is how I did it...