Jen is an energetic, down-to-earth speaker who effortlessly connects with everyone in the room (And on the mountain)

Speaking Engagements

Keynote Topics Include:

♥ Harnessing The Power of Visualization

♥ Dear Failure, Thank You

Visualization, like meditation, is powerful. There is a greater power and something deeper we can’t explain that takes over. It has the power to change your life. When you learn this, you can ride through the difficult circumstances of life with grace and courage. The bumps are still there, but the suspension is better. Just keep going. Through patience, focus, hard work, and faith, you can make any dream a reality.

The adversity we face in our life makes us stronger. Like exquisitely beautiful Japanese kintsugi pottery, we are made, then broken by life. As we put ourselves back together, our scars are like the veins of gold. We are more beautiful having been broken and repaired. Our scars are often stronger than the tissue that was there before.


♥ Learning When To Quit

♥ How To Make An Impact

If ‘that dream’ is no longer your dream, then you shouldn’t waste another second doing it. Oftentimes we don’t realize we’ve outgrown chapters of life. It all looks good on the outside, but inside you feel unfulfilled. In society, quitting is viewed as failure, the worse thing. The fear of quitting becomes greater than fear of failure and you are stuck in a vicious cycle of ‘no win’ and no way out. You are under the spell of an outdated belief. It’s okay. You must be willing to adapt and step into the unknown, into the mystery in a different way.

You don’t have to be perfect to make an impact. You don’t have to be working 80 hours per week to deserve to have money flow into your life. Money isn’t good or bad. It’s just an energy exchange. You are worthy. There are people who need what you can offer them NOW. With humility, you can make a difference simply by showing up for those you serve. Focus on serving: listen, provide, lead, give, support.




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