Winter Dew Tour- We're IN!

We just got official word that women skiers will be included in the Breckenridge and Snowbasin stops of The Winter Dew Tour.  Though we aren't included 100% (meaning we have less prize money and 1 less stop), this is the closest we've been so far! We were stuck in a what-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg stage for a while.  You see, the women's side of our sport is growing a bit slower than the guys side of the sport, so Dew Tour was hesitant to put us in initially.  If we don't have opportunities to compete how could we improve? If we don't improve how could the sport grow?  The only solution is to have an event.

Winter Dew Tour finally put that cycle to an end.  With the new format, 25 women will be vying for 6 spots in finals and ultimately the grand prize! It will be an open qualifier meaning the first 25 women to register get a spot.  We will also be more heavily included in TV and web media than ever before.  This is a great situation.  We will be able to compete on a world stage to show everyone what we're capable of, to help our sport continue to progress!

You can get updates on the event series here: