Stepping Out.


I recently turned 25- a quarter century- an intimidating age, an age you dream of as a child, but never actually think you will reach.  25, I once thought, was old- true adulthood. Life full of responsibilities, expectations, obstacles, rewards, timelines.  A decade ago I was in high school, 15 years-old, being forced to learn, but I was convinced that what I needed to learn was out in the world.  I remember an overlying feeling that I was already beyond high school. What value was there for me?  And as I ventured into the world, I knew that things could get hard, life could get complicated, and I was ready. The last decade has brought me far more joy than I ever could have imagined as a younger me, and also more sadness.  More confusion and more clarity.  More chaos and still more order.  As I enter my 25th year, my world makes more sense than ever.  I have accepted that sometimes, there are no answers. There is more coincidence than fate, and yet more meaning and light within us, than we can comprehend.

People are intrinsically good, but often troubled- plagued by remnants of the past, paralyzed by thoughts of the future, disconnected from their true selves- the beings that exist NOW, not then.   The world is ours for creating; it is a blank canvas with endless painting supplies to colour our lives over and over again.  Life is full of potential and possibility.  We are bounded only by the limitations that we place upon our selves, or allow others to place upon us.  Anything, everything is achievable.

I have been smiling from deep within my heart lately.  It comes from a place within me that sees only good, that feels only purity.   I am filled with a love that is so complete I feel I could die today.  We don’t need to be saved, I’ve learned, we just need to be freed.  Escape from our cages, step out from behind our masks, shed unnecessary layers, be who we are- wholly and completely.