Celebrate Sarah Forever

For the last month I’ve been anticipating this trip to Whistler to Celebrate Sarah Burke.  I was not sure how it would feel to relive the emotions of such a great loss, to be reminded of this beautiful woman taken from us too soon.  After 2 days dedicated to celebrating Sarah, I feel lucky to have had her in my life, even for the short 10 years that I knew her.

There seemed to be an overlying theme of the past few days that WE are the lucky ones.  We were lucky enough to have had Sarah impact our lives in so many positive ways.  She was a living example of chasing your dreams, setting aside fears and going for it.  She showed how a smile and a laugh could uplift even the darkest of hours.  She danced freely, without thought of judgment, and she judged none.  Sarah lived her life, her 29 years, fully.

Instinctively I think, “I cannot believe this happened to Sarah.  She had so much more to give.  She was going to change the world!” and then I stop for a minute and realize, she already did.  Sarah gave gifts that will keep on giving.  She passed her spirit on to every one of us whose lives she touched.  Seeing the group of people in Whistler, all here in Sarah’s honor, proved this.  The amount of love that was emanating from every corner of the cobblestone streets in Whistler was overwhelming.  She brought worlds together- one small woman, with one huge heart.  We will Celebrate Sarah Forever.

(For a recap of the tribute in Whistler Village view this link.)