Episode 4: Alyssa Roenigk on Taking Risks & Trying New Things

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You know those people that you meet and you think "is this really your life?!" Alyssa is one of those people. A self-professed storyteller, Alyssa has spent her life learning to hone her curiosity and talkative nature into a successful career. It all started in elementary school with reading the morning announcements to help redirect those tendencies...

Alyssa has gone on to have a prolific career as sports writer & broadcaster for ESPN. Not only does she cover traditional ball sports, she has carved out a niche in the outdoor adventure and action sports realms. Think X-Games: skateboarding, snowboarding, freeskiing and ski-mountaineering. She's also been to seven Olympics covering both summer & winter sports.


  • How to better yourself through failures

  • The value of broadening your perspective

  • How Alyssa got on the phone with Noam Chomsky & Bear Grylls

  • The real reason for the "X" in X-Games

  • How she learned to ask for what she wants

  • Why Alyssa doesn't want (or need) a special place to write

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Jennifer Hudak